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The cutter model about the filter frame roll forming machine is flying cut; it is continuous cut style;There is no waste piece after cut actions. 

Filter frame roll forming machine Components List

Manual decoiler&leveler- 1 set (decoiler capacity is 3 tons)
Servo feeding device 1 set
Multi-station puncher 1 set
Material loop 2 sets
Main roll former 1 set
Hydraulic Cutter 1 set (flying cutter model)
Hydraulic station 1set
PLC control system 1 set
Final products rack 1set (total length is 3 meters)

Filter frame roll forming machine Technical Specification

Raw material Galvanized steel plate (yield strength: 235Mpa)
Coil width according to final test data
Coil thickness 0.6mm
Coil ID ¢508mm
Coil OD ≤¢1300mm
Coil max weight 1.5 Tons
Line working speed 10M/MIN
Roll forming line power source 380V/50Hz/3 Phase

Filter frame roll forming machine Working Flow

Decoiler-leveler-material loop-feeder-puncher-material loop-roll former-cuter-final products output

Filter frame roll forming machine Profile drawing


Filter frame roll forming machine Layout drawing

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