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Double row special roof forming machine is including two hydraulic stations.The hydraulic system is developed aiming to the multi-station punching machine. The hydraulic machine adopts dedicated hydraulic control module. It has the feature of stable punching and low noise. 

Double row special roof forming machine Components List

Name Model Unite Quantity
Decoiler Hydraulic expansion set 2
Leveling Seven roller model set 1
Servo-feeding device Servo motor driven set 1
Multi-station punching Hydraulic driven set 1
Roll former Torii structure, double row set 1
Cutter Hydraulic driven set 2
Final product support No power support set 1
Hydraulic system Specialized system set 1
Electrical control system Whole line control set 1

Double row special roof forming machine Technical Specification

Raw material Aluminum plate
Yield strength ≤300Mpa
Coil thickness 0.8MM
Coil ID ¢508
Coil OD ≤¢1200mm
Coil max weight ≤5000 kg
Line working speed 4-6m/min
Air source >0.5Mpa
Roll forming line power source 575V,60HZ,3 Phase

Double row special roof forming machine Working Flow

Decoiling →Leveling→Feeding →multi-station punching(punching slots→notching)

→Roll former→Cutting→Output final product

Double row special roof forming machine Profile drawing

Double row special roof forming machine Layout drawing

Finished products show

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